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Turkey Tortures Syrian Refugees Detained at Border


Turkey which is controlling Bab al-Hawa passage at Idlib borders in collaboration with the terrorist groups avoids sheltering the Syrian refugees fleeing from the ISIL attacks.
Sources close to dissident sources said that several Syrian refugees have demanded to transfer their family members from Idlib borders to Turkey but Ankara doesn’t allow them to enter the Turkish soil.

According to the sources, the Turkish border guards stop the Syrian civilians who intend to cross the border with Turkey, firing warning shots and threatening to shoot them directly.

A large number of Syrian citizens have been killed by the Turkish border guards, they said, adding that they also torture any Syrian refugee who is detained at the bordering areas.

A prominent Syrian lawmaker said on Saturday that the Turkish government is still providing the largest financial and logistical support for the terrorists in the Northern Syrian province of Aleppo.

“Ankara is still the largest behind-the-scene actor of the terrorists and their military operations against the Syrian army in Aleppo,” member of the Syrian parliament’s Arab and Foreign Affairs Committee Alan Bakar told FNA.

He said for the same reason the recent meeting between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in St Petersburg focused on Syria, specially the future of Aleppo.

Bakar underlined that the Aleppo battle will be determining for Syria, and said, “The message of St Petersburg meeting on the need for finding a common solution by Russia and Turkey to the Syrian crisis indicates that the outcome of Aleppo battle will be determining.”

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