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“Turkey Facing Consequences of Wrong Policies in Region”



Bouthaina Shaaban, advisor to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, underlined that Turkey which one day wanted to occupy the Arab states by its soft neo-Ottoman policies and then by supporting terrorism and violence, is now facing the consequences of its wrong policies.

The problems created for Turkey recently have made Erdogan to stress his commitment to Syria’s territorial integrity and joint efforts to fight against terrorism in his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Shaaban wrote in the news website of al-Mayadeen channel on Wednesday.

“The dire situation in Turkey is not just witnessed in its retreat from positions on the Syrian issue and the country is now facing different security, economic and political problems too,” she added.

Shaaban also referred to Turkey’s darkened ties with Europe and the US, and said Erdogan was dreaming about finding control over Arab regions in the past few years, but now his ultimate goal is improving Turkey’s weakened economy.

In relevant remarks on Tuesday, a senior leader of the Syrian Democratic Union Party underlined that the Turkish government’s wrong policies in the region have damaged the world states’ trust in Ankara.

“We can say that the world countries have lost trust in Turkey and its supporters who call themselves as moderate dissidents in Syria, as Turkey is not yet neutral in the Syrian issue and is after spreading extremist thoughts in the region with the help of its Syrian and Arab mercenaries,” Ebrahim, the media official of the Syrian Democratic Union Party in Europe, told FNA.

Noting that Turkey is not after annihilating the ISIL, he said Ankara wants to suppress the Kurds and their friends in other Syrian tribes.

His remarks came after Dutch authorities banned two ministers from campaigning for Turkey’s April constitutional referendum which seeks to extend Erdogan’s powers.

Erdogan has warned that the Netherlands will “pay the price” for its “shameless” treatment of Turkey’s ministers.

Several German municipalities have also canceled rallies by Turkish ministers campaigning for a “yes” vote in the April referendum.

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