Photos of pro- rallies

Tunisiain Public Rally in Support of Presidential Elections in Syria

10329163_510718852390691_5513560548779640209_n (1)Salah al badrushy, a prominent member of Tunisia youth movement and member of association of supporting people of Syria stated “we tell the Syrian people that each home in Tunisia is a Syria’s embassy and the election which is scheduled to be held in Syria is an indication of the success of the Syrian army over terrorists and global arrogance. Remarkably, “Mohammad Albrahimy”, the General Secretary of the party was assassinated by Islamic extremists in August 2013.
Quoted from Chams Radio of Tunisia on 2014/15/05, significant number of people gathering in front of the Tunisia’s foreign ministry expressed their support of the elections in Syria. One of the participants in the rally while holding the Syrian flag in his hand emphasized that Tunisian people won’t cut their relationship with the Syrian people and closing Syrian embassy in Tunisia is oppression against Syrian people and other Arab nations.

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