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Tikrit liberation shows Iraqis’ resolve

Press TV has conducted an interview with Ibrahim Mousawi, political commentator from Beirut, to discuss the final mop-up operations by the Iraqi army and volunteer forces to retake full control of the strategic northern city of Tikrit from the ISIL terrorists.

Mousawi says the ongoing anti-terror operations show the strong determination of the Iraqi army and volunteer forces fighting the terrorists in Iraq, saying their resolve sets the stage for the ISIL’s collapse.

He also believes the liberation of Tikrit, which has always been the stronghold of Takfiri terrorists, is a very important victory on both the symbolic and military levels.

Mousawi further maintains that Iraq was able to prove to the entire world that the country’s crisis is not a kind of Sunni-Shia rift, but it is a fight between those who are serving US-Israeli plots in the Middle East and the ones who want the full liberation, sovereignty and independence of their land.

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