Thousands Mark Arbaeen at Sayyed Zainab Shrine in Damascus Countryside

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Thousands of worsSayyeda Zainab Shrinehippers marked on Saturday Arbaeen at Sayyeda Zainab Shrine in Damascus countryside, amid strict security measures.

The worshippers mourned the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) and a number of His Noble Family members as well as His companions and rallied the streets which in the Shrine’s vicinity.

The participants, who came from different countries and challenged the weather conditions besides the terrorists’ threats, stressed the importance of attending the Shrine’s events, noting that the security and stability in the area have been restored to a great extent.

It is worth noting that the terrorist groups in Syria have threatened several times to blast Sayyed Zainab Shrine, but the Syrian army and the popular committees have encountered these threats, restoring the area’s security in the context of their anti-terrorism operations across the country.

Source: Al Manar TV


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