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The Syrian Army Launches a Counter-Offensive in Al-Sina’a

The Syrian Arab Army’s 104th Airborne Brigade of the Republican Guard has launched a counter-offensive in the Al-Sina’a (Industrial) Quarter of Deir Ezzor that is aimed at alleviating the pressure on the eastern part of the city. Over the last 48 hours, the 104th Brigade has killed at least 30 Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) fighters entrenched in the eastern part of Al-Sina’a Quarter, including many foreign militants.

In conjunction with their offensive in Al-Sina’a, the 104th Brigade also attacked a command-and-control center belonging to a Chechen field commander on the outskirts of this area. Yesterday, the ISIS field commander, Abu Hussein Al-Sheeshaani, was declared “martyred” by ISIS social media activists; his hideout was also destroyed during the SAA’s assault.

Identified ISIS fighters killed in Al-Sina’a:

1. Mahmoud Bassam Ghazi
2. Mou’awiyya Khalouf
3. Issam Al-Khodor
4. Firaas IsHaaq
5. Abu Hussein Al-Sheeshaani (Chechen)
6. Jamaal Hassan Mahmoud
7. Ahmad Saleh ‘Abdel-Majeed
8. ‘Arwa Sarhaan Al-‘Abdullah
9. Jasseem Kamaal Haidar
10. Yahya ‘Ammar Al-Hassan
11. Ahmad Yousif Ibrahim,

At Sakr Island (Haweeja Sakr), the 104th Brigade relentlessly bombarded the ISIS militants holed-up in the 2nd District, killing numerous enemy combatants and destroying 4 pick-up trucks mounted with 23mm machine guns. ISIS militants still control about 30 percent of Sakr Island; however, they do not have access to the suspension bridges’ that link the mainland to the island – they rely on supply boats to resupply their embattled contingents.

Identified ISIS fighters killed on Sakr Island:

1. “Abu ‘Ammar Al-Tounisi” (Tunisia )
2. Fawaz ‘Abdel-Salaam Ahmad
3. Rifaat Al-As’ad
4. Fatih Al-Mohammad
5. Hussam Zagheer, Rami Al-Hussein
6. ‘Usama Al-Kabeesi
7. Ra’ed Al-Najrass
8. As’ad Mohammad Al-Mazza’al
9. Khattaab Khaleel Al-Badri
10. Aymen Mohammad Aslaan
11. “Abu Majid Al-Tounisi”
12. ‘Alaa Saleh Al-Abeed
13. Aymen ‘Abdullah Nasser

Source: Almasdarnews

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