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Thats why Syria is Victorious over Zionists-backed terrorists


Wounded in the head months ago by a sniper’s bullet which caused paralysis of the facial nerve and shattered his jaw bone and right ear, our hero was in Hospital in Lattakia last Monday for surgery to remove the fragments in his skull on Tuesday, when he received news that Armed Terrorists were gathering in preparation to launch a massive attack on Aleppo ..

Upon hearing this news our brave legend left the Hospital under the cover of night and went back to Aleppo so he could be stationed at his machine gun by dawn, and be ready to help repel the planned Terrorist attack ..

There, in his brave glory our hero sadly met with another Sniper’s bullet, this time in his heart, where he was proudly Martyred in the arms of his brave son “Mohammed” who quickly took hold of his father’s machine gun, and with the help of his comrades repelled the attack they had come under ..

The Brave hero Martyr “Turki Al-Bej”, Group Leader defending the Air Force Intelligence Building of Aleppo, proudly received his certificate to heaven in all his bravery and glory defending his beloved Syria

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