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Terrorists Using Chemical Weapon in Iraq and Syria: Syria vice FM

Terrorists Using Chemical Weapon in Iraq and Syria: Syria vice FM

Syria’s vice foreign minister warns that terror groups are using chemical weapons in iraq and Syria, AP reports.
Faysal Mekdad rejected West charges that his government ever used chemical weapons against armed opposition.
The comments Monday by Faysal Mekdad to a meeting of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons underscored what could be the organization’s major challenge, even as it comes close to fully eliminating Damascus’ chemical installations.
Mekdad said Monday that terror groups “have used chlorine gas in several of the regions of Syria and Iraq.”
There are growing fears that terror groups like ISIS also could use chlorine as a weapon.
Today as Sunday Mirror reports “a British ISIS fanatics said the group have built a dirty bomb and boast of the damage it could inflict on London.
The terrorists are said to have made a device using radioactive uranium stolen from Iraq’s Mosul University after seizing control of the city last June.
On october, After reports of ISIS used Chemical Agent against Kurdish fighters in kobane, Iraqi officials confirmed ISIS militants used chlorine gas during fighting with Iraqi security forces and Shiite militiamen in the north of Baghdad.

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