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Terrorists started to kill each another amid Syrian Army build-up in Al-Quneitra

The rebel forces in Al-Quneitra do not appear to be worried about the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) upcoming offensive, as they are busy killing one another inside the province.

According to pro-opposition activists on social media, at least four Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters from Jaysh Ababil Houran were killed and two more were wounded when their vehicle struck an IED during an attack on another FSA group’s base in the town of Bariqah.

Jaysh Ababil Houran stormed the base of Jabhat Ansar Al-Islam following reports that their fighters were planning on defecting to the Syrian Arab Army in order to avoid their upcoming offensive.

Scores were killed from Jaysh Ababil Houran during their storming of Jaysh Ansar Al-Islam’s base on Wednesday.

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