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Terrorists Shell Refugee Camp, Prevent Exit of Civilians via Safe Corridor in Eastern Damascus



The terrorist groups once again targeted the al-Wafedeen Refugee camp in Eastern Ghouta with a barrage of missile and rockets, preventing exit of civilians and militants via a safe corridor set up by the Syrian Army.

Terrorist groups’ missile units shelled the humanitarian corridor in al-Wafedeen refugee camp for the fifth day in a row, preventing evacuation of civilians and those militants that intend to join peace with the Syrian government.

No civilian has yet managed to leave Eastern Ghouta via the corridor in al-Wafedeen, field sources said.

Sources in Eastern Ghouta said the terrorists’ continued attacks on the corridor in al-Wafedeen have made the popular and reconciliation committees hold a meeting with the governor general to pave the ground for Syrian army to establish a safer corridor adjacent to al-Shorta hospital near Harasta.

The army has set up al-Wafedeen corridor to facilitate exit of residents of Eastern Ghouta with the cooperation of the Red Crescent ambulances, police and security force deployed in the region.

On Sunday, the Syrian government set up a corridor near al-Wafedeen refugee camp in Eastern Damascus to pave the way for the militants and civilians to leave the region.

Al-Wafedeen camp is located adjacent to Douma city, Jeish al-Islam terrorist group’s main stronghold in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus.

Al-Watan newspaper quoted sources as saying that other passages would open to this end too, adding that humanitarian aid were also sent to the region.

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