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Terrorists Getting Ready to Surrender Key Town to Gov’t Forces in Western Damascus



Terrorists in Mo’adhamiyeh in Western Ghouta are in the final stages of negotiation to completely surrender the key town to the Syrian government forces, sources said Friday.

“A government delegation arrived in Mo’adhamiyeh on Friday morning after both parties failed to reach a settlement regarding the fate of the town yesterday,” sources said adding, “Militants are refusing to turn in their heavy weaponry before surrendering the entire town to the Syrian army.”

“An agreement is expected to be reached in the coming hours that would allow the government to take full control of Mo’adhamiyeh in exchange for transporting the Islamist rebels to Idlib province,” they added.

Mo’adhamiyeh was originally under a ceasefire agreement prior to this week’s intense negotiation process between the government and opposition delegations.

Mo’adhamiyeh is hosting 35,000 people who will remain in the region and merely 100 militants who don’t intend to surrender their weapons are due to leave the region towards Idlib.

The Syrian army and militants in the city of Mo’adhamiyeh held peace talks in the presence of Russian officers after a 72-hour ceasefire took effect in the region earlier this week.

During the talks, the Syrian army stated their conditions for truce and exit of the terrorists through safe corridor from Mo’adhamiyeh.

“Laying down arms and surrendering all weapons of the terrorists, reviewing the conditions of all militants, including those who defected the Syrian army and the culprits, the return and reactivation of all the bodies and organizations under the auspices of the Syrian government to Mo’adhamiyeh, announcing the names and the number of the terrorists who are not willing to surrender and transferring them to the North (Idlib province), setting up and organizing the police force and internal security in Mo’adhamiyeh with the participation of the local people and the Syrian army forces” have been mentioned by the Syrian army as its conditions for peace in the town.

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