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Terrorist Nusra Front meets with growing resistance in Syria’s Suwayda

Residents of the southern Syrian city of Suwayda are joining the fight against the al-Nusra Front as the foreign-backed militant group continues to push towards the strategic city.

People are joining government troops voluntarily to defend the city against the militants, according to the Press TV correspondent there.

“Hundreds of people are pouring in to join the Syrian army in the fight against the foreign backed militants,” said Mohamad Ali in a report filed on Wednesday.

One of the volunteers who was standing in line at an army compound to join the fight against al-Nusra Front said, “We have come to defend Suwayda, and God willing, we will be victorious. The homeland needs us. This land is ours and we will defend it.”

Although many of the volunteers were civilians, a significant number were former military members who defected from the army “for one reason or another,” including some who were threatened by anti-government militants, according to Mohamad Ali.

“With more volunteers coming in, the increasing number of personnel who will stand alongside the Syria army is definitely believed to be a game changer in the balance of power in the fight for Suwayda,” Ali said.

Since earlier this month, terrorists of the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front have been attacking the city in a bid to gain further territory.

On Friday, at least 100 terrorists of the militant group were killed in clashes with Syrian troops, according to Syria’s official SANA news agency.

Syrian government forces have been engaged in heavy battles to liberate militant-held areas across the country, inflicting heavy losses on foreign-sponsored terrorists on several fronts.

Syria has been suffering from a deadly crisis fueled by Takfiri groups for over four years. The ongoing crisis in the Middle Eastern country has reportedly claimed the lives of 230,000 people, including almost 11,500 children.

Many terrorists have reportedly been trained by the US spy agency, the CIA, in Jordan. The militant groups have also been armed with advanced weapons.

Besides the Western powers, Washington’s other regional allies – especially, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey – are supporting the Takfiris fighting against the Syrian government.

The US has been supporting militant groups operating against the government in Syria since March 2011, when foreign-sponsored militancy first began in Syria.

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