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Tel Aviv operation message to Zionist govt.


In a message released in regard to a shooting attack at a shopping centre in Tel Aviv, Shaykh Maher Hammoud, the Secretary-General of the Union of Resistance Scholars, offered his congratulations to the Palestinian people.
On Wednesday, two Palestinian gunmen opened fire on patrons at the Max Brenner Cafe in the Sarona Market of Tel Aviv, killing four Zionists and injuring seven others.
According to Rasa, the Sunni Imam of al-Quds Mosque in the Lebanese city of Sidon added this operation during the holy month of Ramadan showed that Ramadan is the month of jihad and despite international conspiracies and the participation of some Arab governments and officials, the Islamic ummah still enjoys much good and blessings.
He said the operation was a message to the Israeli government and to Avigdor Lieberman, the newly-appointed Defense Minister of Israel, that as long the occupation and daily crimes against the Palestinian people exist, there will be no security.
Shaykh Hammoud said that the Zionist regime’s security measures are powerless against the Palestinian’s will for jihad, saying: “This heroic operation is also a message to those who follow a path other than jihad and those who have allied with the Takfiri terrorists. We hope that such people exercise caution and refrain from sedition and destruction.”
In conclusion, he stressed that through this operation, we declare that all measures by the so-called pacifists are doomed to failure and only the voice of jihad will remain.

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