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Tehran: Western countries overlook arms supplies to terrorists

20140313-175442_h532983Speaker of Iran’s Shura Council Ali Larijani said the West countries seek to prolong the crisis in Syria and while on one hand they claim to be fighting terrorism, they on the other hand overlook the arms supplies reaching the terrorist groups.

The Iranian Fars news agency quoted Larijani as saying Thursday that the Western countries want to debilitate the Syrian government and army by keeping them busy fighting the terrorists, adding that the West is not in a hurry to solve the crisis in Syria.

“Were the Western countries really sincere in talk about combating terrorism, the crisis in Syria wouldn’t have taken that long definitely,” said Larijani, wondering “Where do the takfiri terrorist groups’ arms come from?”

On the other hand, the Iranian parliament speaker said the United Nations suffers a kind of political void. “Was there a little bit of diffidence in the international arena, the UN, which is supposed to solve the world’s problems, wouldn’t have been afflicted with this void and would have worked to establish peace in the world.”

He demanded that the UN provide answers on its role during regional wars over the past ten years and its disregard of the human rights problems and violations in America’s detention camps.

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