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Taibat al-Imam in Hama beats terrorism, springs to life again


Taibat al-Imam is a town in the central province of Hama that has managed to break free triumphantly from the claws of terrorism, reclaiming its former rhythm of life with outstanding aplomb.
With farmers getting back to their farms, people to their daily businesses and students to their schools, life has finally got the upper hand over a culture of death that death-mongers have sought to promote.
It took immense efforts by workshops which rushed since day one after restoring security and stability to fix the damage to infrastructure that terrorists left in their wake. Civil society and the city council have joined the efforts, bringing back electricity and water and removing debris.
More than a month has passed since the town was declared safe and secure. Four bakeries that used to provide the town with bread are operational again, and transportation roared to life anew with 30 buses running between Taibet al-Imam and Hama city, according to Hama city council chairman Jihad al-Sayyed Ahmad.
The town’s markets, like before, are bustling with people who are seen milling around, shopping for basic needs and provisions.
Outpacing other sectors in recovery, the educational process in the town has taken off immediately after security was restored despite the fact that many schools have sustained significant damage.

According to estimates, more than 10,000 students are attending school, with no absentees among teachers.
Other vital sectors are, likewise, faring well in a sign of exceptional resilience and ability to bounce back after darks days that terrorists wanted to impose as a fait accompli. But the locals of Taibet al-Imam, like all the Syrian people, had a different say.

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