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Syria’s Sweida under Threat of Three Enemies: Nusra, ISIL, Israel

The Syrian province of Sweida (also written as As-Suwayda) occupies a strategic position in the country, in which it lies in the southwest close to the border with Jordan.

The Druze-majority province stands now at crossroads, al-Manar said during its Monday news bulletin. The ISIL Takfiri group is coming closer to its eastern border, while militants of the Nusra Front, another Takfiri group, are operating near its western border.

After Nusra militants siezed the Brigade 52 Base, they inched closer to Tha’ala military airport, with some media outlets close to the terrorist group claimed that Nusra has also taken control of the airport.

The terrorists’ threats aim at taking hold of the area and cutting Sweida off Damascus.

Meanwhile, the terrorist attacks on Sweida coincide with two main events: the first was an Israeli call to “protect” the province’s Druze from ISIL’s attacks while these attacks were launched by Nusra.

Sweida map

The second event was the massacre committed by Nusra Front terrorists in Sweida, in which dozens of elders, men, children were brutally killed last week.

Sweida now is under threat of three enemies: Nusra Front, ISIL and the Zionist entity.

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