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Syrians in Venezuela, Algeria, Jordan, Romania and Moldova celebrate President al-Assad’s win

20140612-134909-300x200Syrian community and students in Romania and Moldova, held Wednesday a festivity at the Syrian Embassy in Romania to celebrate President Bashar al-Assad’s win of the Presidential elections held recently in Syria.
They reiterated solidarity with the homeland, leadership and army.
The participants appreciated the Syrian people’s steadfastness and army’s sacrifices in defending the homeland.
Honorary consul in Kishino in Moldova Ibrahim al-Ahmad stressed the Syrian community’s commitment to their national belonging and support to the Syrian Arab Army in defending the homeland .
20140612-134849.jpg Syrian ambassador to Romania Walid Othman said that all the enemies’ schemes and bets against Syria were foiled, due to the unity among the Syrian people, army and leadership. Othman added that the Syrian people are the only side which grant legitimacy and determine their political future and the fate of their country.
The participants carried the Syrian flags, hoisted photos of President al-Assad and chanted national slogans.
Syrian community in Venezuela staged Tuesday car rallies in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, in addition to several Venezuelan cities on the occasion of President Bashar al-Assad’s win of the presidential elections.
The participants carried the Syrian flag and photos of President al-Assad and chanted national slogans.
Members of the Syrian community in Lara and Guarico states in Venezuela celebrated also President al-Assad’s win in the presence of Syria’s Ambassador to Venezuela Ghassan Abbas.
In the Venezuelan city of San Felipe, the Syrians also celebrated President al-Assad’s winning of the presidential elections.
Abbas briefed the participants on the situation in Syria, asserting that the Syrian people’s participation in the presidential elections foiled the western schemes against Syria.
Meanwhile, Algerian popular, parliamentarian and academic figures stressed that holding the presidential elections in Syria has refuted the allegations of the western media and their fabrications of the events in Syria.
In statements, the Algerian activities stressed that the Syrian people’s wide turnout at the presidential elections undermined the west’s agendas against Syria.
They asserted that the western mass media were shocked by the Syrian tsunami to the presidential elections held on May 28 at the Syrian Embassies abroad and on June 3rd inside Syria.
Syria’s Ambassador in Algiers Namir al-Ghanem said, in a statement, that the presidential elections showed strong unity among the Syrian people, leadership and army in facing the systematic international terrorism.
Members of the Syrian community in Algeria continued heading to the Syrian Embassy in Algiers to express joy of President al-Assad’s winning of the presidential elections.
Meanwhile, Jordanian Council of Foreign Affairs stressed Tuesday that presidential elections in Syria constitute a victory for the national and political solution in light of the foreign-backed war to which the country is exposed.
In a statement, the Council pointed out that holding presidential elections in Syria affirms unity of the country and shows Syria as strong country that has independent decision in its adherence to development and resistance axis against the global imperialism.
The Council congratulated the Syrian people, State and Army on their achievement of holding exceptional presidential elections according to the new Syrian constitution, adding it has achieved national legitimacy.
It expressed resentment over Jordanian government’s ignorance of this great event in Syria, calling on it to take positive procedures to boost brotherly relations between the two countries, particularly in the field of confronting terrorism and solving the problem of the displaced Syrians.
The statement hailed the general amnesty issued by President Bashar al-Assad on June 9th .


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