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Syrians in Buenos Aires demonstrate against Erdogan-backed aggression on Kasab

20140406-120836 (1)Hundreds of Syrians and Armenians demonstrated in the Argentinean capital Buenos Aires in protest of fierce aggression launched against Syria, the most recent of which is the aggression backed by the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan against Kasab town, northern Lattakia.
Participants in the demonstration, which was organized under the title of “Save Kasab” and headed to the Turkish Embassy in Buenos Aires, denounced support provided by Erdogan to armed terrorist groups, urging the multinational terrorists who have wreaked havoc in Syria to go back to their countries.
The speech delivered by the media spokesperson of the Syrian Cultural Association stressed the failure of the terrorists’ scheme in achieving the goals of their masters thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian people.
Participants put Syrian and Armenian flags on the door of the Turkish Embassy which was surrounded by a huge force of Argentinean security personnel.
The armed terrorist groups launched an attack against Kasab and the neighboring villages on 21st March with support and coverage of Erdogan’s government, which facilitated the entry of terrorists causing residents to displace, in addition to destroying and burning houses and sanctuaries.
Russian delegation at the UN said Western countries hindered the issuance of a statement in the Security Council that condemns the terrorist aggression on Kasab.

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