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Syrians face gradual death in wake of terrorist operations

While the 53-month crisis in Syria has caused innumerable problems for this country and its people in a number of domains, a significant fall in the state of health and hygiene is apparent more than ever and has led to the gradual death of Syrian nationals, who have survived terrorist operations. As of March 2011, the Syrian nation has been witness to change of equations in that country and break out of a terrorist war.

The most important feature of the current war in Syria is that Damascus administration is not facing a single enemy force.
The incursions of multinational terrorists against Syria have brought about terrible consequences for the Syrian nation, which could be grouped into tangible and intangible repercussions.

Death of more than 250,000 people, injury of hundreds of thousands of others, displacement of millions of Syrians, destruction of the social infrastructure, and loss of control of the Syrian ruling system over many regions across this war-torn country are the most important tangible repercussions of the terrorist war in Syria.

The gradual death of large numbers of Syrian people in and out of Syria is also the major intangible consequence of the current crisis in Syria. The gradual death of Syrian nationals takes place as the result of destruction of health sector’s infrastructure, spread of a number of illnesses, violation of sanitary standards, and shortage of healthy food.

Hundreds of hospitals and health centers have been razed to the ground in the wake of crimes committed by the operatives of terrorist outfit, dubbed ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL). The few remaining health centers face shortage of medications and medical equipment. As the result of destruction of health sector’s infrastructure in Syria, it is impossible to control food and drinking water in different parts of this crisis-stricken country.

The main ailments which could spread across Syria are Hepatitis A, and cholera. In the year 2014, a total of 31,460 cases of Hepatitis A have been registered in Syria. The lack of safe and hygienic drinking water is the root cause of these ailments. Moreover, shortage of medical equipment in Syria has led to failure of the remaining health centers to medically treat patients.

This is the status quo of the Syrians who have remained in their country, and those, who are gradually returning to their homes.

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