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Syrians continue organizing activities to voice support for upcoming elections

20140527-162057_h547023 (1)With only a week left before the presidential elections are held in Syria, the Syrian people continue to take to the streets and organize activities to express support for this momentous event.
The Trade Union in Hama organized a festival to voice support for the elections and the Syrian Arab Army which is fighting terrorism, affirming their adherence to building the democratic state and strengthening the concepts of citizenship and rule of law.
Participants voiced support for presidential candidate Dr. Bashar al-Assad and his political, economic and social projects, saying that he has a clear vision of Syria’s future.
The areas of al-Mukharam, al-Na’em, Dibeen, al-Joubanyeh, al-Houz, al-Qarnyeh, al-Samaqyat, al-Aqrabyeh, Hiet, Sheen and Homs Workers and Journalists Union in Homs witnessed national events in support of the Syrian Arab Army and holding the presidential elections on time.
The participants stressed their adherence to national unity and appreciation of the sacrifices made by the army.
They also voiced support to candidate Dr. Bashar al-Assad for his ability to face pressures and confront challenges.
Many events were held in Aleppo Province in which the participants stressed their support to the presidential elections and rejection of terrorism and the countries backing it.
They said the people of Aleppo will participate heavily in the upcoming elections as the elections represent the Syrians’ willingness to preserve the sovereignty of their homeland.
They hailed the efforts made by the Syrian Army in the face of the armed terrorist groups across the country.
People of al-Marqab area and the Lawyers Union in Tartous Province carried out two stands in support of the presidential elections and the Syrian Arab Army.
The participants stressed their support to candidate al-Assad, expressing appreciation and gratitude for the sacrifices made by the Syrian Army in defending the homeland and preserving its unity and sovereignty.
The area of al-Qardaha in Lattakia witnessed a national event in which the participants expressed support to candidate al-Assad and the Syrian army in its operations against terrorism across the country.
The participants said the Syrians are united in facing plots and challenges, adding that the elections embody the will of the Syrians.
They stressed that the Syrians have foiled all plots and conspiracies targeting Syria, adding that Syria, with its army and leadership, will remain firm in the face of all enemies.
The Revolutionary Youth Union in Idleb carried out a stand in the city in support of the elections and the Syrian Army.
The participants stressed that the Syrians have proved their ability to confront and overcome all challenges.
In Deir Ezzor, a rally in support of elections was organized at Euphrates University, with participants expressing their support for the Army and candidate al-Assad, making an oath of fealty to Syria and its people.
On a relevant note, the Damascus branch of the National Union of Iraqi Students organized an oratorical festival at Damascus University on occasion of the upcoming elections and in support of Syria against the conspiracy targeting it.
Participants said the Iraqi people stand alongside their Syrian brethren in the battle against terrorism, asserting that Syria will remain a beacon of knowledge, heroism, courage, and sacrifice.
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