Pro-Government Rallies

Syrians abroad affirm support to Homeland

20140405-100556_h5371671Syrian communities in Austria and USA expressed support to homeland in the face of the global conspiracy against it.
Members of the Syrian Community in Austria held a concert and a charity festivity in Vienna in which they reviewed the events in Syria and the dimensions of the global conspiracy targeting Syria’s steadfastness.
Participants expressed support and solidarity with the Syrian army in its war against terrorism. They called on the international community to confront terrorism, warning it against the risks of the global terrorism.
A film showing Syria’s economic prosperity and development in various tourist and cultural domains on the one hand and the destruction and sabotage caused by the armed terrorist takfiri groups on the other was screened during the festivity.
In the same context, Syrian-American Forum in Boston, USA, in cooperation with the Armenian-American National Community, staged a stand in protest against the Turkish government’s flagrant interference in Syria’s internal affairs through its continued support to the armed terrorist groups in Syria.
The participants raised the Syrian flag and chanted slogans condemning the Turkish interference in Syria.
They expressed the support of the Syrian community at the USA to the homeland, its people and army, voicing commitment to the national principles.
Syrians in Jordan reject Erdogan’s support to terrorists
Members of the Syrian community in Jordan on Friday staged a sit-in in front of the Turkish Embassy in Amman to express their rejection of the Turkish aggression against Syria.
They also denounced the polices of the Turkish PM Recep Tayyib Erdogan in support of terrorists, particularly in their attacks against Lattakia northern countryside, saying that these groups have committed a new massacre against the Armenians in the area of Kassab.
The participants, holding posters of President Bashar al-Assad and waving Syrian flags, denounced the crimes committed by the Turkish government and its partners, stressing their country’s willingness to confront international terrorism and voicing their support to the Syrian leadership and army.

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