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Syrian Women Union stages sit-in outside UN HQ in solidarity with Syria

20140308-144021 (1)General Union of Syrian Women marked Saturday the International Women’s Day by staging a sit-in outside the headquarters of the United Nations in Damascus in solidarity with Syria and its people, in addition to staging similar events in other provinces.
In the framework of the event, the Union representatives handed the UN Office a statement demanding pressure on the countries providing arms and funds to the terrorist groups in Syria to stop their support.
The participants addressed in their statement a call in the name of humanity to all women of the world to speak up in defense of Syria and the right of its people to living with dignity and freedom and stand in the face of the regimes exporting terrorism to Syria.
The participants called upon the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to exert pressure on the “kingdoms and emirates of oil and backwardness that are exporting terrorism to Syria through killing, displacement, rape and takfiri fatwas” to halt interference in the Syrian internal affairs and allow the Syrians to decide their future on their own.
“Syria has proved to the entire world that history can only be written by men like the men of the Syrian Arab Army and women like the Syrian women who bring their sons up to the values of martyrdom, pride and steadfastness,” the participants said.
Chairperson of the General Union of Syrian Women Majdeh Quteit said in a statement to reporters that the event came on the occasion of the International Women’s Day and March 8th Revolutionary, which has achieved a lot to the Syrian people in general and the Syrian women in particular.
She noted that the Union’s insistence on holding the sit-in outside the UN HQ aims to deliver a message to the world saying that “the achievements made for the Syrian woman over the past decades are at stake because of the terrorists’ crimes”.
In Homs, hundreds of women gathered in front of the Union branch to voice support for the Syrian Army and salute the mothers of martyrs and wounded and missing people, carrying Syrian flags and banners saluting the resilient women of Syria.
Similar rallies were organized in front of the Union branches in Aleppo, Hama and Tartous, and in front of the governorate building in Sweida, in addition to organizing youth and students activities including musical performances and poetry recital in Jableh.
Earlier, the Union called on the international and women’s organizations to support the Syrian women and the Syrian people’s right to live in dignity and freedom.
It urged in a statement addressed Friday to the women of the world, that the world celebrates on March 8th to stand up to the governments sending terrorists and weapons to Syria so that the Syrian people can live in dignity and freedom.

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