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Syrian teachers insist on building Syria’s future under daunting circumstances

syrianschool_teacher_4x3Syria’s teachers insist to continue to carry out their duties despite bloody attacks that have taken a toll on the educational process in Syria but failed to bring it to a standstill.
300 teachers have lost their lives due to attacks by takfiri terrorists over the past three years. Undaunted by the enormity of the task and the risks it presents under unfavorable circumstances, the Syrian teachers continue to attend to their duties in spreading knowledge and education for building an enlightened, educated generation.
Early realizing teachers’ paramount role, Syria has dedicated a day of the year to celebrate teachers since 1960, with the world countries lagging behind 34 years in this respect, as the international Teachers’ Day was only announced in 1994.
Celebrations this year take on a distinguished character as it coincides with the successive victories of the Syrian army on the battlefield. The Education Ministry’s statistics show that up to 94 per cent of the educational cadres continue to attend schools in several Syrian areas in a clear message of dogged determination.
Minister of Education, Hazwan al-Waz stressed, in a letter published on the ministry’s website on the occasion, the teachers’ role in defending their message amid an atrocious war waged against Syria.
He hailed the teachers’ relentless efforts that have always been running against attempts to obstruct the educational process by the same powers who view education and enlightenment as a formidable peril to their subversive takfiri project.

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