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Syrian Soldiers Score More Victories against Terrorists en Route to Al-Tanf Border-Crossing



The Syrian Army units continued their operation against terrorists in Eastern Sweida and managed to advance more towards al-Tanf border-crossing in Southern Homs to foil a US-led plan for occupying Southern Syria.

The army men engaged in fierce clashes with the terrorists in Eastern Sweida and took full control over a large part of al-Rahbeh region North of the newly-liberated al-Zalaf Dam.

The army units also engaged in clashes with terrorists in the Eastern direction of al-Zalaf dam and entered the administrative border regions with Damascus.

In the meantime, the army units that had previously entered the town of al-Zalfa managed to advance against terrorists in areas surrounding the town and seized control over several illegal the border-crossings in the border-triangle.

A military source said that the army troops are now capable of advancing 30 kilometers further North to cut off the supply path to a large militant-held region in the Southeastern outskirts of Damascus.

He added that pro-government forces have retaken some 70 kilometers of the border-line with the Jordan in recent days.

Some sources said that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) terrorists plan to launch a fresh round of a large-scale operation to take back the lands they lost to the Syrian Army troops, but media activists believe that FSA does not have enough fighters to carry out military operations against the Syrian army troops due to a shortage of arms, ammunition and vehicles.

They added that the army has dispatched thousands of forces to the battlefields in Eastern Sweida.

In relevant developments in the province on Monday, the army men, who captured al-Zalaf dam and its surrounding regions on Sunday, continued their advances in Badiyeh (desert) al-Sham and managed to take control over the entire al-Rasiyee wells in al-Zalaf region.

The army soldiers also pushed terrorists back from al-Bohouth al-Elmiyeh region Northeast of the Palmyra Triangle Northeast of al-Seen airport.

In the meantime, Turki Saqa, a Syrian political analyst pointed to the army’s control over al-Zalaf dam, saying the army’s advances in Eastern Sweida would assist the pro-government forces to gain the upper hand in the Southern battlefields because the dam is built in a strategic region only 30km away from the borders with Jordan.

He further underlined that the army’s recent achievements would close off the path on the militants and their backers near the Jordanian borders to have a supply line towards the Central parts of Syria via the Southern territories of the war-hit country.

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