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Syrian PM: Government is implementing recovery measures for reconstruction

20140331-143640_h536324-1The 37th annual conference of the Syrian Engineers Syndicate kicked off on Monday under the slogan “Syria’s engineers will rebuild Syria, the history, civilization and future.”
Attending the conference which is held at Dama Rose Hotel, Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi noted that to have syndicates holding conferences under the current circumstances is a sign of the recovery which the country is going through, underlining the vital role of the Engineers Syndicate and the roles of syndicates, unions and civil organizations in consecrating the culture of dialogue, compassion, citizenship, and national unity.
He said that the reconstruction process in Syria will cover infrastructure, utilities, production sectors, and rehabilitating human and physical resources, asserting that the government is exerting every possible effort in implementing recovery measures with regards to rehabilitating infrastructure and public utilities, despite the economic sanctions imposed on Syria.
Al-Halqi said the program for reconstruction and development being prepared by the government takes into account economic, social, environmental and geopolitical factors, and will employ national expertise and resources.
He also pointed out to the government’s efforts in providing goods and supplies in markets, lowering prices, supporting agriculture, carrying out relief programs, implementing reconciliation, and combating terrorism and Syria’s enemies.
For their part, participants in the conference stressed the need to rally all efforts to rebuild using national expertise and capabilities, calling for preventing any side affiliated with any country that took part in the aggression on Syria from participating in the reconstruction process.
In turn, head of the Engineers Syndicate Mohammad Walid Ghazal noted that Syndicate is already preparing for the reconstruction process by updating codes and preparing guides, affirming determination in contributing actively to rebuilding Syria.
The two-day conference will discuss reports, approve plans, discuss branches’ demands, and approve internal regulations.
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