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Syrian people exposed to US attacks and terrorist operations


The number of Syrian people, who lose their lives throughout the attacks of the US and its allies on terrorist outfits, is on the rise. This, in turn, has deeply concerned the international bodies over the threats posed against the people of Syria. Meanwhile, UNICEF has denounced a terrorist attack on a school in the Syrian Capital, Damascus.

UNICEF envoy to Syria, Hana Sanjar, has said that these terrifying attacks are part of a string of raids on Syrian schools, pupils, students, and teachers, which should immediately come to an end.
The envoy referred to UN figures on the death of more than a hundred children and injury of three hundred others throughout terrorist operations in recent months, noting that based on these statistical figures the horrific terrorist attacks are taking their toll on the Syrian children.
She underscored the need to maintain the security of schools in Syria against armed raids, while stipulating that schools should provide a shelter for Syrian children, so that they would be able to fearlessly acquire sciences.
This comes while the operatives of the so-called Free Syrian Army, in collaboration with the al-Nusra Front Takfiri terrorist outfit, in a horrendous attack killed twenty-eight members of the Syrian national defense forces.
Meanwhile, based on incoming reports, the air strikes of the US and its allies, which are carried out under the pretext of countering terrorist groups have caused a surging death toll.
In the latest round of US and its allies’ air strikes on the Syrian soil under the pretext of campaign against terrorist outfits, four children were killed in northwestern Syria.
The Syrian activists, via publication of pictures of the Syrian civilians who have fallen victim to the US airstrikes throughout social networks, have announced that American jetfighters have killed four Syrian children.
Previously, the informed sources had also announced that six Syrian workers, who worked in oil installations in northeastern Syria, have been killed in US nightly air raids.
Upon the protests of Syrian people and public opinion against the death of Syrian nationals in US air strikes, White House had admitted that the US has staged indiscriminate raids on the Syrian soil.
Under these conditions, Human Rights Watch has urged a probe into the surging civilian fatalities resulting from the raids of US and its allies on Syria.


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