Syrian opposition chief’s university degree is fake

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Syrian opposition chief's university degree is fakeLebanon’s Beirut Arab University officials have announced that the university degree of the head of the so-called Syrian National Coalition is fake.
Dismissing the claims that Ahmad Jarba has graduated from Beirut Arab University, the officials revealed that Jabra’s degree is bogus and he has never received any degree in Political Science or Law from the university.
The scandal broke as Mohammad Qasem, dean of the Political Science Faculty, and Amro Jalal al-Advi, head of the university, in a letter have disclosed that Jabra’s academic documents had not been issued by the Lebanese university.
To Jabra’s utter disgrace, the former chief-of-staff of the so-called Free Syrian Army’s Supreme Military Council Salim Idris in a televised interview had called him “Syria’s new dictator.”


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