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Syrian official: damages will be paid to Kassab locals

هلال-300x159Al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Assistant Regional Secretary Hilal al-Hilal said damages will be paid to the locals whose properties had been damaged during a terrorists’ takeover of Kassab town.
Kassab is a scenic Syrian area close to the border with Turkey that was overran by terrorists backed by the government of the Turkish Prime Minister late last March.
The terrorists had committed atrocities against the predominately Armenian population there before the army restored security and stability to the town earlier this month.
هلال 2
Terrorists left behind a trail of destruction in the area.
Al-Hilal’s comments came during his meeting with representatives of the town, hailing the speed with which the services related to infrastructure are being restored.
After he inspected the scale of damage in the town, al-Hilal hailed Kassab’s locals who have blazed a trail in steadfastness.
“Terrorists had in mind turning Kassab to a hotbed of terror, but the army vanquished terrorism there,” he affirmed.

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