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Syrian Minister discusses humanitarian and relief situation in Aleppo

20140221-201739_h529402 (1)Social Affairs Minister, Dr. Kinda al-Shammat stressed keenness on meeting the needs of displaced and affected families due to the practices of armed terrorist groups.
Al-Shammat, who presided over a plenary meeting Friday to discuss the relief situation in Aleppo, indicated that unifying efforts and conducting a consensus of the displaced and affected families within ten days are required.
She called for sticking to the defined course of action, instructing an immediate provision of 10 thousand boxes of canned food to Aleppo governorate.
She highlighted the suffocating blockade that Aleppo has suffered by terrorists, hailing the steadfastness of its people.
Aleppo governor Mohammad Wahid Aqqad, for his part, gave a review of the humanitarian and relief situation in Aleppo, affirming that the governorate is exerting, in cooperation with the Syrian Red Crescent and NGOs, immense efforts to meet the needs of displaced families.

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