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Syrian Grand Mufti Hassoun: We are witnessing the birth of a new world

20140310-160850_h532311 (1)Grand Mufti of the Republic Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun called for bolstering unity and solidarity in the Islamic nation and avoiding disputes and conflicts in order to confront challenges facing Muslims.
In a speech during the 6th meeting of the Higher Council of the Islamic Awakening Assembly currently being held in Tehran, Hassoun said “what is happening today is the birth of a new world… we must rise to the occasion and draw our future ourselves using the compassionate religious teachings which call for fraternity and love and reject extremism.”
He stressed the need for scholars and intellectuals to tackle challenges and issues facing the Islamic world, underlining the importance of bolstering the culture of resistance and cooperation among the people of the Islamic and Arab nations.
Hassoun said that the so-called “Arab spring” was exploited by some sides to create division and disputes among Muslims and achieve political goals, asserting that Syria is being punished for its support for the resistance and its firm stances.
“The doors of Syria are wide open to everyone, but some miscalculated and worked to undermine Syria and its standards. However, they failed thanks to the will, wisdom and bravery of the Syrian leadership, people and army,” he said.

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