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Syrian Grand Mufti calls for enhancing social solidarity


Syria’s Grand Mufti Dr. Ahmad Badr-Eddin Hassoun called for launching a media and educational campaign across Syria which is meant to solidify the bases of social solidarity and deepen a culture of giving and sharing.
The campaign, he explained, is intended to help the families of martyrs and the injured, and those who lost a breadwinner, house or job.
Hassoun was speaking during his meeting Wednesday with families of martyrs at the Cultural Center in the coastal province of Tartous.
The Mufti affirmed that the Syrian people who “withstood many pitfalls” thanks to their courageous army and wise leadership “will always live in dignity”.
He underscored the need for every Syrian citizen to help his fellow citizens “to join the state’s efforts so as to ensure Syria’s steadfastness.”

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