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Syrian Foreign Affairs criticizes Ki-moon and confirms that it will continue to combat terrorism

53149a4b28952-300x154Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said it’s regrettable to hear the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon saying things that contradict reality and are not objective regarding the humanitarian situation in Syria and the performance of the Syrian Arab Republic delegation to Geneva conference.
In a statement issued on Monday, the Foreign Ministry said Ban should have underlined the need to deal with the roots of the Syrian issues by implementing the Security Council’s resolutions pertaining to combating terrorism affecting the Syrian Arab Republic, which is upholding its duties of protecting its citizens and defending its sovereignty and territorial integrity , and that this should be done by forcing the countries supporting terrorist groups to cease supporting, arming, funding and harboring them.
The statement affirmed that the Syrian Arab Republic will continue combating terrorism with all means at its disposal, and at the same time it will continue working diligently towards a political solution and national reconciliation.

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