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Syrian Dissident: Militants Backed by Qatar, Turkey Never Accept UN Truce Plans

A senior Syrian dissident politician underlined that the militant groups backed by Qatar and Turkey have rejected a proposal by the UN special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, which seeks to suspend fighting in the Arab country’s embattled Northern city of Aleppo in order to pave the way for the flow of more militants to Syria.

“Qatar and Turkey are rejecting political solutions to the Syrian crisis in a bid to dispatch more militants to the Arab country under the US auspices and in view of the advances made by the Syrian army,” Secretary-General of Syria’s Democratic Party Ahmad Kousa told FNA on Wednesday.

He underlined that the militant groups fighting in Aleppo are not after occupying political posts as they are only resolved to do their mission.

“When de Mistura proposed his truce plan to suspend the fights specially in Aleppo city, the attention of the international and regional circles focused on the militant groups fighting in Syria, but those groups will never accept the UN truce plan,” Kousa said.

De Mistura arrived in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Saturday, hoping “to set in motion as soon as possible his project” to halt the skirmishes in Aleppo, located 355 kilometers (220 miles) North of the Syrian capital, for six weeks.

The 68-year-old diplomat has been pushing for a local ceasefire in Aleppo as the foundation for the building of a broader peace settlement for Syria.

The UN envoy has met Syrian government officials and opposition figures during the recent weeks to discuss his plans with them.

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