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Syrian Computer Society launches initiative to evaluate damages in Homs

20140304-223412_hSyrian Computer Society (SCS) in Homs launched Tuesday its first national initiative to use Information technology (IT) in evaluating the damages and acts of reconstruction in the city.

SCS was established in 1989 by an initiative of late Dr. Basel al-Assad, it’s first Chairman, and a number of founding members in the field of IT.

“The basic goal of the initiative is to re-settle the displaced citizens after reconstructing and restoring their houses according to real data,” Director of SCS Hassan al-Najar said during a workshop held to explain the executive steps and future vision to carry out the initiative.

The move will last for one month with the participation of civil societies through adopting surveys on land to have data, taking air photos to specify the ruined residential compounds and houses to let the affected citizens return to their houses.

Al-Najar affirmed that the initiative will spare any loss of money and provide job opportunities.

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