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Syrian Army Wins One more Battle against Terrorists East of Damascus

Military sources announced minutes ago that the Syrian Army troops and popular forces, in a fresh round of joint offensives, hit the terrorist groups’ positions hard in Eastern Ghouta and forced the militants to retreat from a strategic town in the region.

“The terrorist groups left behind scores of the dead and injured member and pulled the remaining pockets of their forced from Hosh al-Khatib,” the sources said, adding, “Recapture of Hosh al-Khatib will put terrorist groups in Deir al-Assafir under more pressure.”

In relevant development on Monday, the Syrian Army troops inflicted heavy losses on the terrorist groups’ checkpoints along a strategic road in Eastern Ghouta and forced the militants to retreat from nearby regions.

“Following hours of fierce clashes, finally the Syrian soldiers forced the terrorist groups to pull their fighters back from the important road that connects Hosh al-Khatib and Harasta al-Qantara region,” the sources said, adding, “The terrorist groups left behind dozens of the dead of wounded members and fled the battlefield.”

“The road is under the full control of the army and the government force are fortifying their position along the road, which the army’s engineering units have launched an operation to defuse roadside bombs and mines planted by the terrorist groups,” the sources said; FNA reported.

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