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Syrian Army Wins Battles in Daraa, Homs

A military source told the Syrian Arab News Agency that the Syrian soldiers killed a number of rebels and injured many others near Katakit building and the vocational training center in Daraa countryside.

Militants’ positions in Busre al-Harir, Ataman and al-Sheikh Miskin in Daraa countryside were also raided by army men who successfully pushed back the anti-government fighters and fortified their strongholds.

Meantime, Army forces stormed rebels’ gathering centers in Um Sahrej, Rahoum, Masaada, Ayn Hussein, Haret al-Badou in Homs countryside and foiled an attempt by the terrorists to infiltrate into the farms of al-Wae’r.

Homs province, as the main rout between Damascus and the Northern and Western parts of Syria, has been the scene of heavy clashes between the government and militants.

Daraa province bordering Jordan has also been also one of the main spots for international terrorist to infiltrate into the Syrian territories.

Damascus, that is aware of strategic position of these two provinces, has strengthened government forces there to cut rebels’ routs with bordering countries.

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