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Syrian Army Units in Daraa Approach ISIL-Taken Military Base

The Syrian army forces made major advance in Eastern Daraa province and are now close to a military base taken by the ISIL terrorists.
The latest reports from the battleground said that the army is continuing its advances in Reef (countryside of) Daraa and is now only two kilometers away from the military base of Division 52 which has been surrounded by the terrorists in al-Harak town.

In another development earlier this month, Syrian government forces killed dozens of Takfiri militants in the area of al-Harak in Daraa countryside.

The Syrian army killed 40 terrorists, including a senior commander, in al-Harak.

The Syrian army also targeted the Takfiri militant groups in Homs, Aleppo, Idlib, Quneitra and other provinces, inflicting heavy losses on them.

The Syrian Army and government have defended their country against insurgents since 2011 when a huge number of foreign terrorists flocked to the Middle-Eastern country.

In spite of certain western states’ military and financial supports for the militants, the Syrian troops have been able to push them back from many areas across the country.

Military estimates show the fall of militancy in Syria is not far.

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