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Syrian Army units advance in Yabroud farms


A military source said the army units advanced in the farms of Yabroud city in Damascus Countryside and tightened control over the eastern entrance and northeastern borders of the town.

The source added that full collapse within the armed terrorist groups’ ranks accompanied the army’s advance in the city.

SANA field reporter said that the army units killed anumber of terrorists in the industrial area and al-Qlaih roundabout in Yabroud city.

Among the dead terrorists were Maher Yusuf, Mahmoud Abdulazez and Muhab al-Sayyed Ahmad, while other terrorists were arrested at the southern enterance of the city.

The reporter added that other terrorists were killed in Afra town, including Khaldon Sweid and Ahmad Shaban.

She added that other army units destroyed large amounts of weapons and ammunition, in addition to killing scores of terrorists in Barada valley.

Other army units inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in Halboun town.

Meanwhile, the army units killed all members of an armed terrorist group in Adra al-Balad.

Another army unit killed many terrorists in Jobar neighborhood, including Khalid Suleiman and Mohammad Abu Areda from Lebanon and al-Abadi al-Yunisi from Tunisia.

source: syrian media

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