Syrian Army takes control of 6 towns in southern Hama: map

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) asserted full control over six towns in the southern countryside of the Hama Governorate today.

A joint Syrian-Russian delegation began the day by securing a deal with the town elders in Taqsis, paving the way for the nearby towns of Imarah, and Al-Jamqaliyah to also be handed over to the government.

Once those three towns were declared under government control, the Syrian Army announced that another three towns in southern Hama were reconciling with the military.

According to an army source, the towns of Jour Jamqaliyah, Jour Abu Dardah, and Al-Mashiyah were also handed over to the government

The source added that the residents of these six towns have accepted reconciliation with the government and kicked out all of the rebels that were against this deal.

Many more towns are expected to join this reconciliation agreement, including several localities in the Al-Rastan Plain.


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