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Syrian Army Takes Control of 2 Strategic Factories in Damascus Countryside


The Syrian army regained control over two strategic factories in the Southern parts of the country on Sunday.

The army units purged the terrorists from Al-Bashkir and Al-Sana’at Al-Hadiseh factories in Al-Dukhaniye town in Damascus countryside.

Meantime, other army units defused the bombs and mines planted by the terrorists in Al-Jabaviyeh district and Al-Hassan street as well as the surrounding areas of Rim Al-Zabi Drugstore in Al-Khazan district.

The Syrian army units are expected to declare full control over these regions in the coming hours.

A military source said on Saturday that the Syrian soldiers stormed the hideouts of the militants in Kanaker, Beit Jann, al-Dukhaniye, Jobar and al-Qalamoun in the countryside of Damascus.

Scores of Syrian and non-Syrian insurgents including Riyad al-Qasir, Fadi Laqis, Mohammad al-Samadi, Abdullah al-Matiri (from Saudi Arabia), Jamal Baidoun, Mohammad Saqraq were killed in the operations.

Syria has been the scene of massive fighting between the government of President Bashar al-Assad along with the country’s armed forces with foreign-backed extremist groups since 2011 when the western countries and their regional allies’ meddling triggered an over three-year-long civil war in the Middle-Eastern country.

Based on the UN statistics, the country’s death toll has passed 190,000, while millions of civilians have been displaced both inside and outside of Syria

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