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Syrian Army Strikes ISIL in Homs, Sweida


More terrorists are getting killed as the Syrian army units, backed by the Air Force, continue striking their positions in various areas, with their equipment and vehicles destroyed in several areas around the country.

The army’s air force launched airstrikes against movements and fortified positions of ISIL terrorists in the area surrounding the oil fields of Jazal and al-Shaer in the eastern countryside of Homs province, according to a military source.
Convoys of vehicles, some of which equipped with machine guns, were destroyed in the airstrikes and gatherings of terrorists were eliminated, the source confirmed.
In the northern countryside of Homs, the air force targeted al-Nusra Front (Qaeda branch in the Levant) fortified positions and gatherings in al-Ghajar village, destroying a number of vehicles, fortified sites and mortar launchers, in addition to killing numbers of terrorists.

In southern Syria, at least four vehicles were destroyed and many ISIL terrorists were killed or injured during special army operations that targeted their positions and movements in the northeastern countryside of the southern Sweida province.
The military source explained to SANA that an army unit, aided by the popular defense groups, killed all members of an ISIL terrorist group in an operation that took place southwest of Asheihib Hill.
Another army unit fired artillery shells on a vehicle convoy for ISIL in Rajm al-Dawleh village, some 70 km northeast of Sweida city.
According to the source, four vehicles were destroyed, including a truck loaded with weapons and ammunition.
Deir Ezzor

The army’s air force conducted sorties targeting gatherings of ISIL terrorists and their movements and fortified sites in the vicinity of Panorama, Brouk Hill and the western side of Deir Ezzor Airport in the eastern Deir Ezzor province.
The airstrikes left several vehicles destroyed, some of which equipped with machine guns, in addition to destroying fortifications and killing and injuring many of terrorists.
More vehicles for ISIL terrorists were destroyed and a number of them were killed as their gatherings in the surroundings of al-Tharda Mountain were hit in army airstrikes.

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