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Syrian Army Scores More Victories against ISIL in Energy-Rich Regions in Eastern Homs



The Syrian Army troops continued their large-scale operation in Eastern Homs and managed to drive ISIL out of more positions in the oil-rich regions, paving the ground for rapid advances towards the besieged city of Deir Ezzur.

The army soldiers that kicked off a fresh round of large-scale anti-ISIL operation on Friday to take full control over the regions along the road connecting Palmyra city in Eastern Homs to Deir Ezzur city managed to push ISIL back from several positions East of the newly-liberated al-Shoumeriyeh mountain.

The army men expanded their buffer zone around the strategic Homs-Palmyra highway.

Military sources reported that the army men also imposed control over al-Talileh crossroad and the nearby areas after hours of clashes with ISIL.

The sources disclosed that the army will soon launch a fresh round of attacks on ISIL in T3 station and the town of Arak, adding that if the army men capture Arak and T3 station they will make a strong front against terrorists deployed in the town of Sukhnah, paving the way for the recapture of the town.

They went on to say that some other units of the army are committed to carry out operation against ISIL and free regions West of Arak energy field and take control over a road that connects Palmyra to T3 station.

The sources said that a large part of the army soldiers will continue their attacks on ISIL’s defense lines East of al-Shoumeriyeh mountain to win al-Sha’er energy field.

The army is also due to dispatch more forces from de-escalation zones to Eastern Homs to kick off its large-scale operation towards Deir Ezzur province to liberate the city and its airbase.

Relevant reports said on Friday that the army men, led by the 5th Legion and Tiger Forces, stormed the Talilah area East of Palmyra, inflicting heavy damage on ISIL militants defending the territory West of the strategic crossroad.

With their main line of defense fractured, the ISIL was forced to retreat from the Talilah area, paving the way for the Syrian Army units to press East towards the Talilah Crossroad and T-3 Pumping Station.

Meanwhile, along the Palmyra-Deir Ezzur Road, a unit from the 5th Legion attacked the ISIL’s positions West of the Arak Gas Fields; the battle is ongoing at the moment.

The first phase of the offensive will focus on imposing control over the road leading from Palmyra to the T-3 Pumping Station and the territory West of the ‘Arak Gas Fields; once completed, the Syrian Army will intensify their assault, as they make a big push towards Deir Ezzur from two different directions.

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