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Syrian Army scores massive advances against ISIS in east Homs



Today the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) supprted by allied groups scored a massive advance against the Islamic State (ISIS) in eastern Homs. Their efforts targeted areas surrounding Palmyra, which ly on their way to Deir Ezzor city, where contingents of the SAA are currently struggling to repell continous ISIS assaults against the besieged exclave.

Along the road to Deir Ezzor the SAA together with allies captured the areas of Al-‘Alb, Bi’r Dahlon and Sharat Dahlon about 45 km north east of Ulyaniyah village. With these gains the SAA is now well positioned to push towards the area of T3 pumping station and can simultaneously move onwards to Arak, as soon as the entire pocket is cleared of enemy combattants.

With this latest attack the Syrian Arab Army was able to inflict heavy casualties on ISIS groups operating in the area. According to a source of Al-Masdar News more than 30 jihadist fighters were killed, while also at least 5 heavy combat vehicles were destroyed.


For these latest advances the SAA is employing a newly adopted tactic especially developed for storming vast desert areas. Accordingly they attacked in a impressive formation of heavy armored vehicles including more than 10 tanks, at least 20 pickup trucks mounted with 23mm guns as well as several Bulldozers.

After storming a targeted area with these mechanized units, the captured points get fortified and built up right away with sand walls. In consequence there is no more time window for ISIS fighters to initiate counter attacks and can not even tactically reposition themselves as the massive offensive pack of SAA mechanized forces is also accompanied by attack helicopters to spot and impede ISIS movements and destroy any car bomb ISIS may send into the field.

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