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Syrian Army reaches northern Deir Ezzor for the first time in years: map



The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has reached the the northern border of the Deir Ezzor Governorate for the first time in several years after liberating three villages near the Islamic State (ISIL) held town of Ma’adan.

Following a tumultuous 24 hours that saw both the government lose more than 40 soldiers during the Islamic State’s counter-offensive near Ghanem Al-‘Ali, the Syrian Arab Army struck against the terrorist forces to reestablish a supply line to the aforementioned town.

Unable to hold their ground, the Islamic State militants were forced to withdraw from Ghanem Al-‘Ali, Al-Rabiyah, and Al-Jabilah after the Syrian Army fractured their main line of defense.

With their forces descending upon Ma’dan, the Syrian Arab Army is looking to seal the southeastern border of Al-Raqqa by forcing the Islamic State out of the aforementioned town along the Euphrates River.

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