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Syrian Army Preparing to Start 2nd Phase of Deir Ezzur Operations | Syria Truths - Syria Truth - The Syrian Truth - The Truth about Syria

Syrian Army Preparing to Start 2nd Phase of Deir Ezzur Operations



The Syrian army sent forces and military equipment to Deir Ezzur to start the second phase of its massive operations to fully take back Deir Ezzur city and its countryside.

The army dispatched the forces and equipment after retaking control of the main road of the city, i.e. Deir Ezzur-Damascus, and breaking the siege of the city and Deir Ezzur airbase.

According to reports, the Syrian army plans to start the new phase from the Northwest and East near Deir Ezzur to completely drive the ISIL out of the entire parts of the province.

Relevant reports said earlier today that the army troops continued their advances in Deir Ezzur province and managed to retake several points, restoring full security to the surrounding areas of Deir Ezzur military airport.

The Syrian army troops attacked ISIL’s military positions to the South of Deir Ezzur city from the two directions of Panorama and al-Tim oilfield, and managed to take control of al-Tharda 1, al-Tharda 2 and al-Tharda 3 mountains.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army regained control of al-Tharda mountains which are considered the main defense lines for Deir Ezzur military airport in the South.

The Syrian army has now restored full security to the surrounding regions of Deir Ezzur military airport and the airport will soon be ready for operations.

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