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Syrian Army, Palestinian forces liberate several areas southern Damascus



The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and their Palestinian allies scored a big advance in the southern districts of southern Damascus, today, liberating several areas that were under the control of the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS).

Led by the 105th Brigade of the Republican Guard, the Syrian Arab Army and their Palestinian allies managed to liberate several points inside of the Al-Qadam District after short battle this morning.

According to a military source in Damascus, the Syrian Army and their Palestinian allies were able to liberate a dozen farms and building complexes in Al-Qadam after making a big push from two axes inside this district.

Meanwhile, in the Yalda District, the Islamic State (ISIS) launched a surprise attack against the remaining rebel forces in the area.

ISIS reportedly seized several sites from the rebels in Yalda, including the Al-Yabani Hospital and its surroundings.

The ISIS attack on the rebel forces in Yalda came just 24 hours after an agreement was made that would give the Syrian Army access to Jaysh Al-Islam’s front-lines in the area.

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