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Syrian Army on Verge of Liberating Last Bastion of ISIL Terrorists in Aleppo Province



Military sources confirmed that the Syrian Army troops that took full control over the Jarah airbase on Saturday are now preparing for another push towards ISIL’s last stronghold in Aleppo province.

The sources said that the army troops liberated Jarah airbase after almost four years of terrorists’ occupation and turned it into their command center for the ongoing operations in Aleppo.

They added that a large number of soldiers that were deployed in de-escalation zones will soon arrive in Jarah airbase to take part in a large-scale operation to drive ISIL terrorists out of the town of Maskana that is considered as the last main stronghold of the terrorist group in Eastern Aleppo.

The sources pointed out that the capture of Maskana will put an end to the ISIL’s presence in Aleppo province, adding that liberation of Maskana will also restore more security to the only supply line of the army forces to Aleppo porvince and will also pave the way for the pro-government forces to enter Raqqa province to hit ISIL there.

Reports also said that thousands of the army forces deployed in de-escalation zones entered the province of Homs and Deir Ezzur to accelerated the trend of ending ISIL’s presence in Syria.

In relevant developments in the province on Sunday, hundreds of ISIL terrorists deployed in Maskana region launched a large-scale operation to retake control over Jarah airbase liberated by the army soldiers on Saturday.

A military source said that after hours of fierce clashes in the region and in the villages of Jarah Kabireh and Jarah Saqireh the army men repelled ISIL’s attack.

The terrorists sustained a number of casualties in the failed attack.

The source said that ISIL’s defense lines collapsed after liberation of the Jarah airbase by the army.

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