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Syrian Army makes significant gains against terrorists in north

Forcing ahead with an iron fist against the terrorists, the Syrian army on Tuesday declared success in several areas close to Syria’s northern city of Aleppo.

Pashkoy, Deir al-Zaytoun, Kafrtouneh, Tal Mseibin and Hirdatnin are all areas the army says it has been able to take back from the terrorists.

In parallel, a Syrian army unit was able to break through the defense lines of the terrorists and reach al-Zahra’a town which has been out of the control of the central government for two years now.

The achievements of the troops are already signaling a chance to break the siege in the near future.
Popular defense forces that have been defending the town say they are happy over the advances made by the army against the terrorists.

The areas secured are adjacent to the terrorists’ main supply lines which stretch from Turkey to the ancient city of Aleppo.

Therefore, the army gains there have inflicted heavy losses on militants who waged a retaliatory attack in the town of Rityan in an attempt to retake their positions and secure their vital routes with Turkey.

As a result of the Syrian army’s advance in the north of the country, the siege on Aleppo-based militants has tightened. A large stretch of land north of Aleppo is now under the Syrian army’s control. This has boosted the morale of the Syrian army units deployed in the region while it’s disheartened militants in the city.

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