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Syrian Army Kills al-Nusra Front Ringleader in Hama’s Morek Town— Almost 466 Gunmen Turn Themselves in to Competent Authorities

syrian-army (1)About 466 gunmen in Homs and Damascus countryside provinces have turned themselves in to the competent authorities in 10 days, as the army units eliminate dozens of terrorists, including ringleaders, on the ongoing operations against terrorist groupings in many provinces.
In February 27th, it was reported that 432 gunmen in areas of Beqen, Madaya and Darayya outside Damascus turned themselves in to the competent authorities. But today the number was calculated at 466 as 15 gunmen in al-Sbeneh area outside Damascus plus 19 ones in the old city of Homs surrendered to the competent authorities.
The official news agency confirmed that the situations of the gunmen were settled.
Meanwhile, the qualitative operations against terrorist groupings have not stopped on all fronts across the country.
Eight weapons-laden cars destroyed
The army units pounded several hideouts for terrorists in the surrounding of Yabroud city and at northern and eastern entrances in Damascus countryside where many terrorists were directly hit.
Yabroud city is the terrorists’ major stronghold in al-Qalamon area.
Units of the army also killed three terrorist ringleaders and destroyed 8 cars loaded with weapons and ammunitions for terrorists on many axes in Darayya city in the same province [Damascus countryside].
While to the west of al-Wafedin camp, it was said that the army units mowed down 20 terrorists.
Heavy losses
More terrorists, some belonging to the so-called the ‘Islamic Front’, were eliminated in Adra, Duma and Jobar areas outside Damascus.
In the northern countryside of Lattakia province, the army units inflicted heavy losses upon the al-Nusra Front-linked terrorists and wiped out 4 rocket launchers there.
The ringleader of al-Nusra Front-affiliated terrorists in Morek town outside Hama province, Ahmad al-Ra’ee was among dozens of terrorists who died in today’s operations, a military source said.
Failed attacks
In another development, the army units warded off terrorists’ attacks on garrisons in al-Hrak city outside Daraa province and in Tal al-Sheikh Hadid and Tal al-Qabo as well as al-Baneh in the western countryside of Hama.
They, in addition, foiled infiltration bid by terrorist group into the religious school in the old city of Aleppo and destroyed a bomb-making factory in al-Hlak area in the same province [Aleppo].
Syria is fighting terrorism exported from around 83 countries.
The US, France, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar sponsor the terrorist groups operating in Syria, according to world media reports.

Source: Syria Times

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