Syrian Army Inflicts Major Losses on Terrorists in Deir EzzurV

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Syrian Army troops warded off ISIL’s attack on their positions near a military airport South of Deir Ezzur, inflicting large casualties on them.

The army soldiers engaged in fierce clashes with the ISIL along the Eastern wall of Deir Ezzur airbase that left a number of militants dead or wounded and caused the rest of them to retreat from the battlefield to evade more casualties.

In the meantime, the army’s missile and artillery units targeted movements and gatherings of ISIL in two neighborhoods of al-Sina’ah and al-Jabiliyeh, killing a number of the terrorists and destroying their rocket launchers and bases.

Also, the ISIL terrorists launched a large-scale offensive to prevail over army positions in al-Roshdiyeh neighborhood on Friday but failed and retreated from the battlefield after leaving behind over 20 dead members and two destroyed vehicles.

ISIL used tens of forces in its attack but the army soldiers could fend off the attack.


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